What is the Best 11 Inch Laptop Computer I Can Get?

Shopping for new gadgets may be fun but it can also be confusing at the same time. Most of the time when you want to buy something, regardless of whether it’s a computer, a cell phone, a tablet, or a laptop, there are needs that you look to fulfill. One of the most common things people need out of gadgets these days is convenience. When convenience is what you are looking for, cell phones and tablets win. However, no matter how powerful mobile phones and tablets have become throughout the years, there are still many things they cannot do. When you need to run processes or use software that is only available on certain operating systems, how do you balance computing power with convenience?

LaptopLaptop BrandRatingPrice
ASUS 11.6 Inch Laptop (Lightweight and Thin)
Lenovo Chromebook C330
Lenovo Flex 11 Convertible Laptop/2-in-1 Device

11-inch laptop computers fit right into a niche where power is needed, but size and portability are important. They might just be the answer to your needs if you want to be able to run certain programs that can’t be done with just a phone or tablet. But how do you determine what the best 11 inch laptop computer is?

Why Choose an 11 Inch Laptop

11 inch laptops, or rather 11.6-inch laptops, are quite small if you really think about it. They’re not always the right fit for everyone, but there are many reasons why they are still the right choice in some situations. So why should you choose an 11 inch laptop computer over a tablet or a cell phone?

Choosing an 11-inch laptop is easy when you want Microsoft Windows or Mac OSX. A laptop doesn’t have to be the best 11 inch laptop computer out there for you to be able to do all the tasks you need to do, after all. It just has to have adequate specifications for your needs. These computers, regardless of how small they are, still have full (often tenkeyless) keyboards for you to use – a definite advantage over mobile phones and tablets. These days, battery life for small computers has been improving as well, allowing them to be more competitive in terms of portability.

If you are used to touch screens, there is no need to worry. Plenty of 11 inch laptop computers have touch screens nowadays, making them more handy and convenient for those who aren’t fans of track pads or mice.

There are still various other benefits to 11 inch laptop computers such as:

  • Screen larger than most tablets in the same price range
  • More versatility in terms of tasks and apps handled
  • USB ports and other ports for connectivity
  • Relatively affordable prices
  • Decent selection of convertible devices (2-in-1 tablet and laptop types)

If you’re set on finding the best 11 inch laptop computer you can get for your money, we’re here to help! Here’s a great comparison of the top 11 inch laptops you can find today.

ASUS 11.6 inch Laptop (Lightweight and Thin)

If you aren’t quite looking for a 2-in-1 convertible device, then the ASUS 11-inch laptop computer might be the right choice for you. This ASUS is an actual laptop, almost a throwback to the old netbooks of yore.

It comes with Windows 10 and a lot of options for connectivity! Say hello to the ASUS’ multiple ports – 1 USB 3.1 Type-C, 1 USB 3.0, 1 HDMI, 1 combo headphone and microphone jack, and of course, an ethernet port. This 11 inch laptop also has 802.11ac  wifi (naturally) and Bluetooth 4.1. So if you’re looking for an actual portable device you can use for entertainment, presentations and the like, consider this one of the best 11 inch laptops out there.

Don’t expect too much of this little laptop that can, however – even if it is powered by a dual-core Intel Celeron, it only has 2 gigs of DDR3 RAM. You can’t quite game on this laptop, but you can do most of your school or office work on it. One thing worthy of note, however, is the fact that this only has 32 gigs of built-in EMMC storage. There is also a 32GB micro-SD card, but you may still want to bring along your thumb drives for additional storage space.

The ASUS 11.6 inch laptop is definitely on the heavier end of the spectrum in comparison to the other devices of this list, weighing in at a solid 3.5 pounds. Despite this, it is still lightweight and portable enough to allow you to bring it around wherever you please.


✔️Lightweight (3.5 lbs)
✔️Dual core processor (1.1GHZ 2 cores)
✔️Plenty of ports and options for connectivity


❌2 GB ram
❌Small harddrive (64GB split into a 32GB microSD and a 32GB EMMC storage)
❌Processor is still only 1.1GHZ
❌No touch screen

Lenovo Chromebook C330

Chromebooks have been quite a thing for a while now – they’re small, ultra portable, and quite affordable, making them a device suited to students or young professionals. What makes the Lenovo C330 Chromebook different from other standard Chromebooks is the fact that this one is a convertible – you can use it in laptop mode, tent mode, tablet mode, or stand mode. The hinge is flexible and allows you to pretty much fold the device whichever way you please. 360 degree flexibility rewards you with plenty of options, after all.

As the name suggests, the C330 is a Chromebook running on Chrome OS. This means that this device is not quite suited to those who need more power and versatility out of their daily workhorse. However, if you are looking for a device mostly for accessing the internet, web apps, word processing and the like, the C330 is a great choice. ChromeOS is built for speed, productivity, and straightforward user experience – so if you want a no-frills option, this is the right device for you. This also makes the C330 a great device for those who are less familiar with technology, so if you want to gift your elderly parents a device to help them stay in communication with you, you might want this 11 inch laptop!

The Lenovo Chromebook C330 might be one of the best 11 inch laptops out there in terms of value for money. At less than $300, you get 4GB of memory, 64GB of EMMC storage plus 100GB of Google Drive storage, and an IPS display. IPS displays are a rarity in laptops this small – so enjoy your viewing angles!


✔️Fast processing speed (2.1 GHZ, 4 cores)
✔️2 in 1 / touchscreen
✔️Most cost efficient
✔️ChromeOS has its benefits for user experience, speed, and productivity
✔️IPS Screen


❌Low storage (64GB eMMC), but has 100GB of cloud storage online via Google Drive
❌ChromeOS is not as flexible as other operating systems

Apple MacBook Air 11.6-Inch laptop (Refurbished Models)

When it comes to small, portable laptops, the MacBook Air is the instant choice of many. Apple used to have an 11.6 inch option for the MacBook Air, but they phased it out in 2016. That doesn’t mean it’s no longer available for purchase, however – there are still plenty of certified refurbished and renewed units available all over the web. Renewed units look and work like new – so they are quite a viable option, as long as you purchase them with a guarantee or warranty. There are two models available right now: the MJVM2LL/A (Early 2015) and the MD711LL/B (Early 2014). Both have similar specs and features, with the only real differences being the upgraded chipsets and increased battery life in the later model.

Although Apple products may come at a slight price premium, often it is worth it due to the longevity and high quality builds of the devices. These particular models sit at around the 400 to 500 dollar mark, but they truly pack quite a punch. Where other 11.6-inch laptops use weaker processors, MacBook Air 11-inch laptops come with an i5. They also come with 4GB of memory and an integrated graphics processor (Intel HD 6000). Because of this, they can run quite a lot of programs – and even some smaller, less power-hungry video games. Some people have even found success using this laptop for editing photos using the right software suites. You’ll still want to bring extra storage with you though, this unit only has 128 GB of SSD space.

With 802.11ac wifi, audio out (analog), Bluetooth (4.0), 2x USB 3.0 ports, and a Thunderbolt 2 port, there are plenty of options for connectivity. You might miss the ethernet port and the HDMI port though – so be ready to purchase dongles for these. Nevertheless this device is small, sleek, and lightweight – certainly a contender for best 11 inch laptop computer.


✔️Lightweight (2.30~ lbs)
✔️128GB SSD – more than other 11 inch devices
✔️i5 Processor and integrated graphics processor
✔️Resale value
✔️Sleek, premium and durable
✔️Excellent battery life


❌No touchscreen
❌Requires dongles for HDMI and Ethernet


Product Name: Lenovo Flex 11 Convertible Laptop/2-in-1 Device

Offer price: $



Lenovo is a brand that has always been a mainstay in laptops and convertible 2-in-1 devices. The Lenovo Flex 11 is one of the best 11 inch laptop computers you can get at around or under $300, making it a great choice for those who are on a budget. This device is powered by an Intel processor, which is pretty good considering the size of the overall device. On top of the strong Intel Pentium processor, you get a generous 4 gigabyte serving of DDR4 memory. Storage may be slightly lacking, however, considering this product only comes with 64 gigabytes of solid state drive storage (eMMC).

Despite the fact that the Flex 11 is a convertible 2-in-1 laptop/tablet, it is still light and portable, weighing in at only 2.75 lbs. Quite a feat, considering this Lenovo device feels really premium in your hands – even though it’s made of plastic. The Flex also lives up to its name, because it really is versatile: it has multiple ports such as USB 3.0, USB Type C, HDMI, and even a card reader. With all of its ports, you can hook the Flex up to your existing electric devices without needing any new dongles or accessories.

If you’re looking for a device that can also act as your entertainment solution when you are out or traveling, the Lenovo Flex 11 is a great choice. The Flex 11 has HD resolution on a non-glare (touch) screen and great sound in the form of Premium Dolby Audio.

If you’re worried about typing on a device that’s 11 inches, fret not – the Flex has an ergonomic keyboard and a redesigned, better multi-finger gesture touch pad to improve your experience.


  • Touchscreen / 2 in one
  • Portability
  • Fast start up (SSD)
  • Lightweight (2.75 lbs)
  • Bluetooth


  • Low storage space (64GB)
  • Relatively slow processor (1.1ghz, 1 core)

Should I Buy an 11 Inch Laptop?

All of this considered, the choice on whether or not you should buy an 11-inch laptop remains yours. To decide whether you should buy one or not, you need to consider your needs and the additional features you want to have with your device. Consider whether everything you need to do can be accomplished by a phone/tablet or not – if the answer is no, then perhaps you should consider purchasing an 11 inch laptop!

If you’re set on getting an 11-inch laptop to fulfill your needs, don’t forget to do your research! Look at all the available models to find the one that best fits your specific requirements. Pick a device with enough storage and enough memory so you can run the programs you need to run. Choose the right OS for you, and ensure that you pick a device with battery life that will last through your day and everything you need to put it through. And of course, consider your budget – but don’t be a scrooge. With these laptops being priced so closely together, you may just want to splurge a small amount more in order to get something better! We hope this helps you to find the best 11 inch laptop computer for you!